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What does the Bible tell us about Zion

Zion was originally a Jebusite stronghold. David captured Mount Zion and established his royal residence directly on Mount Zion. Mount Zion also came to be called "the City of David". At the time when David transferred the sacred ark to Mount Zion, Zion became a mountain especially holy to Almighty God Jehovah. Later in time Zion embraced also the Temple area on Mount Moriah. During the time when Solomon, the son of David, was King in Jerusalem over Israel, Solomon was building the temple of Jehovah on Mount Moriah. Then the ark was moved from Mount Zion to the new Temple area on Mount Moriah. The term Zion was also applied to the entire city of Jerusalem (The Bible, Isaiah 1:8; 8:18).

Zion as the place of God's dwelling

The Ark was associated with the presence of Jehovah God. Because of this Zion became a symbol of heavenly realities. Because of this symbolic connection with the presence of Jehovah God, Zion was referred to as the place of Jehovah God's dwelling (The Bible, Psalm 9:11; 74:2; 76:2; 78:68; 132:13, 14; 135:21). And because of this Zion was referred as a place from which salvation, blessing and help would come (The Bible, Psalm 14:7; 20:2; 50:2; 53:6; 134:3).

Jesus Christ on heavenly Mount Zion

In the Bible book Revelation, Chapter 14 Verse 1-3 we can see the "Lamb", Jesus Christ, together with 144,000 standing upon the Mount Zion. This is evidently the symbolic heavenly Mount Zion. Because Jesus Christ rules out of heaven (heavenly Mount Zion). And Jesus will do this together with 144,000 who have been purchased from the Earth. For this 144,000 this means the heavenly hope. The 144,000 will rule with Christ Jesus as Kings over the Earth (The Bible, Revelation 14:1-3; 5:9-10).

Paradise on Earth restored

This government out of heaven will restore the paradise here on Earth, like we can read in God's word. This kingship is also called kingdom of God. Because Jehovah God is the first King. And Jehovah use Jesus Christ as the main King after him. Together with Jesus Christ, and after him, there will rule as Kings the 144,000, mentioned in the Bible.

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