Who is Jehovah God?

The true God is the supreme being. The Bible (the Bible is God's Word, which can be proofed) uses terms for the word God that convey the idea of strength. And also of dignity, excellence and majesty. ´El is one of the words from the Bible (in Hebrew), that is translated with God. This word probably means "Mighty One or Strong One". So it is easy to understand, that the Bible speaks also of false gods. Even Satan, the Devil is called God. Some false gods were made objects of worship by people who serve this false gods. And, like Satan, the devil, some false gods have made themselves as a God. But there are very, very big differences between the only true God and all other false gods.

The true God has a Name. The meaning of God's name Jehovah

In the Bible the true God is called over 7000 times with the name Jehovah. So the true God is not a nameless God. Je·ho′vah is the causative form, the imperfect state, of the Hebrew verb ha·wah, which means in English become. The meaning of God's name is “He Causes to Become”.

Jehovah or Yahweh, pronunciation of God's name

In English "Jehovah" is the best known pronunciation of God's name. Do you favor "Yahweh" or Jahve, Jahwe or a similar pronunciation of God's name? Fact is, today nobody knows for sure the exact pronunciation. But fact is also Jehovah is the best known pronunciation in English. And millions favor to use the pronunciation Jehovah for God's name. Just like the very most people (or everyone?) use Jesus. Because Jesus is the most known and used pronunciation. On this Website you can find Information about Jesus Christ.

Very nice Attributes of Jehovah God

The Bible tell us very nice information's about the only true God. For example, the Bible does say about the true God, that God is love. You can read this for example in 1. John 4:8. And also in the same chapter in Verse 16. The Word, which is in this Verses translated with love means an unselfish love. In Greek the word, which is here translated with Love is Agape. Other primary attributes of the true God are power (Luke 1:35), wisdom (Romans 11:33 and Proverbs 2:6) and justice (Luke 18:7, 8). But Jehovah God is not just powerful. God is even all-powerful, yes he is the Almighty God. The true God Jehovah has not a body like human being, with flesh and blood. God is a Spirit. The Almighty God is also a God of peace and of order. Very nice is also, that Jehovah God is perfectly clean, pure and holy. And God is happy (1. Timothy 1:11). God Jehovah has also many other nice qualities. For example it is said in the Bible about him, that God is merciful. It is interesting, that nowhere in the holy Scriptures we find a bad attribute of God. We can really say, that God is totally perfect. Isn't this nice to know?

Jehovah God shows us the best way of life, the way to a very happy life

If we face temptation to do something what is bad in God's eyes, it is good to remember, that in the long run, it is always in our best interest, what Jehovah God asks of us. The will of our creator Jehovah God is in fact the best way of life. The best way to a happy, meaningful life. Jehovah God wants us to be happy forever. Jehovah created us with the capacity for enjoying life. And he wants us to be happy. Who could know better what makes us perfectly happy? Remember, Jehovah God created humankind. And who has more wisdom or more unselfish love? For sure, Jehovah's will is always best for us. And it is good to have in mind, that the enemy of Jehovah, Satan, the Devil, tries to mislead us. So, if we think different from Jehovah, would it not be wise to pray to our creator Jehovah? What can we pray about? For example for wisdom, to see things in the right way. In a way which benefits us in the long run. It is good to ask Jehovah about the matter in a specific way. Tell Jehovah in detail what you think about something. What you see different. Jehovah God can help you.

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