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Temptation. How can we stand firm? Prayer

When we face temptation, that is the time when we should pray intensely. Maybe more as one time. Even Jesus Christ , was praying three times before his betrayal and death (The Bible, Matthew 26:40-46).

Temptation. How can we stand firm? Holy Spirit

Jehovah God (Jehovah is the name of God according to the Bible) will give his Holy Spirit (his active force) to those asking him (The Bible, Luke 11:13). Is this not reassuring, that Almighty God Jehovah even promises to grant us this mighty force, this invincible force? How thankful we can be, that the door to the most powerful force in the universe is always open for us. Through prayer.

Temptation. How can we stand firm? Quoting Scriptures

In answer to Satan’s (the Devil’s) temptations, what can we do? What did Jesus, when the Devil tempted him? Jesus Christ quoted Scriptures. “It is written… Again it is written… Go away, Satan! For it is written…” (The Bible Matthew 4:1-10). This is the example for us, when we want to resist temptations from Satan, the Devil. That we can quote Scriptures from God’s word the Bible, we need, of course, read and study God’s Word, the Bible .

Resisting temptation, how?

If we follow the example of Jesus Christ, we can resist every temptation. With the help of Almighty God Jehovah (The Bible, first Corinthians 10:13).

Love for God Almighty Jehovah and for his word impelled Jesus Christ to reject the allurements from Satan, the Devil. We can do the same. Jesus Christ repeatedly resisted the temptations from Satan, the Devil . What happened then? Satan left Jesus!

Page Description: How can we resist temptations, temptation (even from Satan, the Devil)? Can the example from Jesus Christ help us to resist temptation?

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