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What is the kingdom of God?

What does it mean to pray let your kingdom come in the model prayer of Jesus Christ? What is the Kingdom of God?

The kingdom of God is the exercise and expression of God's universal sovereignty toward his creatures. The kingdom of God is also the instrumentality or the means, which is used from God, for God's purpose. The words kingdom of God is used in the Bible especially for the expression of God's universal sovereignty toward his creatures by means of a royal government. In which Jehovah God will use Jesus Christ, his son, as the main King (after him).

Kingdom in the Christian Greek Scriptures

In the Christian Greek Scriptures the word, which is translated in English with kingdom, is: ba•si•lei′a. The Analytical Greek Lexicon, 1908, is writing on page 67 about the meaning of this word: “a kingdom, realm, the region or country governed by a king; kingly power, authority, dominion, reign; royal dignity, the title and honour of king.”. The word combination "kingdom of God" we can find frequently in the Bible books of Luke and Mark. In the Bible book of Matthew the phrase "the kingdom of the heavens" appears some 30 times.

The kingdom of God is a pure theocracy

The expression kingdom of God, the kingdom of the heavens or similar expressions all means rule by God. In structure and in function this rule by God or government of God is a pure theocracy (from Gr. the•os′, god, and kra′tos, a rule). The term "theocracy" was used by the Jewish historian Josephus of the 1st century CE. The term "King" has its start in the human language evidently after the global Flood of Noah's day. The 1st kingdom by a man was that of Nimrod.

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