Coronavirus pandemic is part of the sign of the last days: Jesus prophesied pestilences

How was Jesus Christ on earth?

Jesus Christ was a very loving person. In one word, Jesus Christ was unselfish “Love”. “Agape” in the original language of the Bible. Exactly like his heavenly father and God Jehovah (God's Name Jehovah with find more than 7000 times in God's word, the Bible).

Jesus compassion

Jesus compassion was clearly manifest during his whole earthly ministry. Disabled persons, the sick and downtrodden and even children felt totally free to approach Jesus Christ. See for example in the Bible book of Mark 5:22-24, 38-42; 10:14-16. Also spiritually hungry people and meek people where drawn to Jesus.

What people rejected Jesus Christ?

For example proud people. And arrogant people. All those who did “not have the Love of God”. Some people hated and opposed Jesus Christ. See the Bible book of John 5:40-42; 11:47-53.

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