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2 important steps to get happy

How can we be very happy?

Do you want to be very happy? What is the key to happiness? How can we get very happy and have a very happy family life? Success and true meaning in life is not just a Dream. But where can we find a reliable guideline to happiness? If we want to be very happy, we need to copy the way Jesus Christ lived. Why is this the way to happiness? Because Jesus Christ was the happiest man who ever lived. This is, because Jesus Christ copied perfectly his heavenly father and Creator Jehovah God (Jehovah is the Name of God according to the Bible). And Jehovah God in turn is very, very happy. In fact, Jehovah God is the happy God, according to the Bible (1. Timothy 1:11).

One important step on our way to Happiness

So, if we want to be very happy, one important step is to get an accurate knowledge about our Creator Jehovah God and of his Christ, Jesus (Christ means translated in English anointed or anointed one).

This would bring us also a very beautiful future prospect. In a prayer to Jehovah God, his heavenly father, Jesus Christ said: “This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ.” (The Bible, John 17:3). We need to take time for studying God's Word, the Bible, on a regular basis. Or of Bible-based literature. Where we can learn more and more the ways and thinking and purposes of our Creator Jehovah God and of his Christ, Jesus.

Another important step to get happy

If we want to become very happy and copy the way of Jesus Christ we need to oppose successfully our biggest enemy. Like Jesus did. What would you say is our biggest enemy? The biggest enemy of us and of all mankind is Satan, the Devil. Why is that the case? Because Satan, the devil and all the other demons, try to influence us, that we go a way, that lead to problems, unhappiness and in the end to everlasting death. Satan and all the other demons don't want that we get to know the true God Jehovah and Jesus Christ. And get very happy and receive everlasting life in the future. All Demons (including the Devil) try to hide the true identity of Jehovah God and his Christ Jesus. Satan wants to influence us in a way that we do Satan's will. In this the devil is so successful, that the Devil is called "God of this system of things" (according to the Bible, Biblebook 2. Corinthians 4:4). And Jesus called him ruler of this world (The Bible, John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11). If Satan is influencing us, we get unhappy. That is the case, because Jehovah, the creator of humankind, knows best what is good for us and makes us happy. And if Satan or other demons influence us not to do God's will, we go astray from the way of the most possible happiness.

Fill your life with Meaning

If we get to know God, God's will and do God's will, we fill our life with meaning. In God's word, the Bible, we can read in the Bible book Matthew 22:37 "You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind". If we want to love Jehovah so much, we need to get to know him. Take a chance to get a free home Bible study. In order to get to know God and Jesus Christ. A recommendable and free home Bible study you can request on the website of Jehovah's Witnesses JW.org.

Who is Satan, the Devil?

Who is the Devil? Who is Satan? What does the Bible tell us about Satan, the Devil? Is the Devil powerful? Can Satan, the Devil, influence people, even us? Where can we find reliable answers about the person, which the Bible calls Satan or Devil?

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