Read Bible Scriptures from the Video and find out why Jehovah's Witnesses trust the Bible and it's prophecies.

The Bible has good and very important News for us

In the Bible we find very good News which is also very important. Jesus Christ told about our time in a prophecy: „And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come“ (The Bible, Matthew 24:14). We can see the fulfillment of this Prophecy from Jesus right in front of our eyes. In our century. Already beginning in the last century. What is so important in this message, that Jesus Christ prophesied, that this good news will be preached in all the inhabited earth, to all the nations? And what is this good news?

What is the good News from the Bible?

The Bible reveals, that God wants people to enjoy life on earth. God loves mankind and created the universe and everything on the earth. Because of his love God will act to provide a better future for mankind. God will relieve mankind of the causes of all suffering. What changes will God bring about on the earth? See in the following Video the answer:

God will bring very good changes on the earth

In the Bible we find different prophecies which paint a really nice future for mankind. For example in the last Bible book, in Revelation, in Chapter 21 Verse 4, we can read, that God will wipe out every tear. Morning, outcry or pain will be gone. And even death will be no more. Is this not a very good change, a very good news?

But that is not all. If you have a Bible read for example the Bible book of Isaiah, chapter 35. You find the Bible book of Isaiah close to the middle of the Bible. Maybe in the beginning of your Bible you have the possibility to find the page, where you can find the Bible books in your Bible. Or read the Bible online. A good Bible translation is for example the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. Which you can read for free Online.

What good news can you read in Isaiah chapter 35? God will make it possible, that blind people can see, deaf people can hear, lame people can walk, speechless people can speak.

More good news, good prophecies in the Bible

In the Bible we can find more good news and good prophecies. For example that hunger will be gone, because in the close future there will be plenty of food on the earth. Nobody will be sick. And very many people will even be resurrected from the dead. See for example in the Bible John 5:28, 29; Psalm 72:16; Isaiah 25:8, 33:24. What do you mean? Is this not really good news? Read more to find out, what God‘s Word, the Bible, tell us about the future. And that this prophecies about the future in the Bible are really reliable.

Why is this good news from the Bible very important for us?

In the Bible we can find out clearly that God‘s time to act is close at hand. Jesus Christ told us, that we have to do something very important, in order to get a wonderful present from God. What present? Everlasting life. How can we get this wonderful present? We can read for example in the Bible book of John 17:3 that we need to learn about God. Jesus made clear that is not enough to think we are a Christian (a Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ). But we need to do the will of God Jehovah (Jehovah is the name of God, according to the Bible). Please read in the Bible the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:12-27. A wonderful future and everlasting life in very nice surroundings. Is this important?

What should we do to receive everlasting life?

Let us learn more about our loving heavenly father Jehovah God. About Jesus Christ and his role in the purpose of God. In God‘s own word, the Bible. Let us search the facts, which give us solid proof, that every prophecy in the Bible is reliable. The Bible is like a letter to us from a loving father. In the Bible we can learn to enjoy a better way of life now. The Bible show us the way to a happy life, to happiness. And how we can enjoy everlasting life in wonderful surroundings here on earth in the near future. Let us not miss this.

About the resurrection hope read also please

Did you lost somebody in death? Is there a possibility to see him again? What is the Bible tell us about the resurrection hope? Is there a resurrection hope for the dead? In what condition are the dead? Read: .

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