Coronavirus pandemic is part of the sign of the last days: Jesus prophesied pestilences

How to be happy, when calamities befall us?

Calamities can befall everybody. Also God's people or true Christians can become victims of bad injustices, war, crime, natural disasters, sickness, poverty or even death. And our own errors can also be a heavy load to us (The Bible, Psalms 38:4 shows, that our own errors can be like a heavy load, that are too heavy for us). True Christians can also be persecuted and hated like Jesus Christ. Can we be happy, when that calamities befall us?

Happy through refuge in the Almighty God

"All those taking refuge in Jehovah will rejoice; to time indefinite they will cry out joyfully” (Bible, Psalm 5:11). So the Key to Happiness is what? According to the Bible: Taking refuge in Jehovah God! Jehovah God (Jehovah is the Name of God according to the Bible) is a happy God. And Jehovah wants his people to be happy. That this is possible in the face of bad injustices, natural disaster, sickness, poverty and our imperfections, Jehovah God helps his people.

One of this big helps are the promises from Jehovah God for the future. Which we can read in God's Word, the Bible.

Another help is prayer to Almighty God Jehovah. And then we can feel or experience this help through God's Holy Spirit, his active force. Which can give us every help we need to be happy and joyful (see please also in the Bible Isaiah 65:13, 14 and for example also 1. Peter 3:14). Like we can read in the Bible time and again, true worshipers of the Almighty God Jehovah are described as happy people. This shows, that it is really possible to experience considerable joy, contentment or happiness and peace of mind even when we face calamities.

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