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Does the Bible command to abstain from blood transfusions?

"Keep abstaining from... Blood" (The Bible): does it mean blood transfusion?

The Bible command not to eat blood. And also to keep abstaining from blood. Read Bible Scriptures about blood: Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:10, 14; Deuteronomy 12:23; Acts 15:19-20, 28-29. Does the Bible's clear commands about abstaining from blood (The Bible, Acts 15:19-20, 28-29) include blood transfusion?

First Christians obeyed the Bible's command about blood

The first Christians abstain from blood. Blood from animals and humans. Tertullian (a writer about beliefs of early Christians) stated: “The interdict upon ‘blood’ we shall understand to be (an interdict) much more upon human blood.”—The Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. IV, p. 86.

Keep abstaining from blood: what does it mean?

Consider somebody who is told by a doctor that he must abstain from alcohol. What do you think? If the patient would stop drinking alcohol but had it put directly into his veins, would he be obedient to what the doctor said?

When a patient in a hospital cannot eat through his mouth, he can be fed intravenously. If a person would not eat blood and don't drink it, but would accept a blood transfusion, would he really obey the Bible commands to "keep abstaining from… Blood"? (The Bible, Acts 15:29).

Blood transfusion alternative treatments instead of blood transfusions

The Bible is a book from a loving heavenly father, God Almighty. The creator of mankind, Jehovah (Jehovah is God's name according to the Bible). Does the creator of all mankind know what is best for humans? True Christians, Jehovah‘s Witnesses, belief so. Jehovah's Witnesses are known worldwide for obeying Bible commands. Including the clear instructions of the Bible not to eat blood and to keep abstaining from blood. This is why Jehovah's Witnesses don't use blood transfusions.

But Jehovah's Witnesses use Blood transfusion alternative treatments instead of blood transfusions. Without the many risks, which come along with transfusions of blood.

God's clear commands in the Bible about blood

Keep abstaining from blood (The Bible): does it include blood transfusions?

Blood transfusion alternative treatments without the risks of blood transfusions

Jehovah's Witnesses follow as Christians the Bible's commands to abstain from Blood

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