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Does the Bible contradict itself?

Some people claim that the Bible contradict itself. Is that true? Or not? True is, that the Bible does not contradict itself.

It may appear to be a contradiction in the Bible?

This can happen. But when it appears that there is a contradiction in the Bible, the problem is lack of knowledge about details of the Bible or some circumstances.


One example is when people ask, where did Cain get his wife? But this seems only a contradiction of the Bible, if people assume that Abel and Cain where the only children of Eve and Adam. But if you go to the first book of the Bible in chapter five, you can see that Adam became the father of sons and daughters. So it is easy to see that Cain married one of his sisters or maybe a niece.

Also no other contradictions in the Bible

Every other example could also not withstand scrutiny. Simply said, there is no contradiction in the Bible if you have an accurate knowledge of the details in the Bible and of the circumstances of the times.

This page is about: Does the Bible contradict itself? Did it happen to you? You read something in the Bible and you are thinking: is this a contradiction to something else in the Bible? But wait a moment: must this be? Or could it be, that it only seems to be a contradiction in the Bible (because of lack of knowledge or lack of details)?

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